black & white

Pen and ink illustration of a farm and its land full of round bales, under a glowing full moon.

Hay bales in Lancaster, PA, under the moonlight

Drive through the Pennsylvania farmlands, and you’ll see lots of hay bales, resting on the land, like sleeping land animals. It’s especially so at night, under a clear moonlit sky. They would be gentle, large mammals, were they alive.

Pen and ink illustration of a food truck taken over by crazy chickens

All Here Because Not All There

T-shirt design for a company with themed Caribbean Island merchandise.

Here, an island food truck has been taken over by the local chickens. The hours represent the laid-back island flexibility, and the clocks show that it’s five o’clock, everywhere, and always.

The food truck’s name, The Caribbean Cuckoo, plays with the fact that it’s a chicken truck, and that the chickens are, well, not all there.

A pencil illustration of a young girl riding a train with a lot of creepy box headed robots. She is wearing a box on her head to fit in.

Sneaking in, under cover

The world has been taken over by robots. Good thing there are plentiful cardboard boxes around to use as a disguise.

Mindy Lou is riding into the city with the robot workforce to learn what is going on at the main factory.