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Close up of the bottom of a pogo stick with hippo feet riding it. The stick is splashing a huge puddle onto a frog, with a sign that says 'dont splash me'

Pogo Sticking Hippo Creates a Splash

Rolf the pogo sticking hippo believes himself to be one of the most impressive pogo stickers in the world.

He can jump very high. He can twirl very twirly. He’s pogot the pogoing juice.

Pen and ink illustration of a farm and its land full of round bales, under a glowing full moon.

Hay bales in Lancaster, PA, under the moonlight

Drive through the Pennsylvania farmlands, and you’ll see lots of hay bales, resting on the land, like sleeping land animals. It’s especially so at night, under a clear moonlit sky. They would be gentle, large mammals, were they alive.