Kidlit illustration of a young child racing towards a hidden Easter egg, while silly chickens scatter in all directions

Easter Egg Hunt

As a child, I couldn’t have a cat or dog, so all of my love went towards my pet chickens. We spent so much time together!🥰

The little girl in this illustration is perhaps too excited about finding her Easter egg to be mindful of her chickens, but, I don’t think they really care too much. Except maybe the hen in the bottom right, who just. can’t. with this holiday. 🥹🙃

An elderly white man sits at a table eating a sandwich. His fat dog sits across from him on a bench, staring wistfully at the sandwich.

Some for me too, please

A man in a yellow jacket enjoys his cheeseburger. He is thinking about all the things he has to do later today.

His dog, Peggy, has clearly already had a few cheeseburgers too many. Yet, she would not mind one more, anyway. Or maybe just a bite?

Digital illustration done in procreate.

A pencil illustration of a young girl riding a train with a lot of creepy box headed robots. She is wearing a box on her head to fit in.

Sneaking in, under cover

The world has been taken over by robots. Good thing there are plentiful cardboard boxes around to use as a disguise.

Mindy Lou is riding into the city with the robot workforce to learn what is going on at the main factory.

Kidlit style illustration of a young woman walking in the rain with her large, yellow dog, who is looking up at her lovingly.

You make me wish for more rainy days. ❤️☔

A person and her dog are running home on the brick sidewalks of Montford Historic District, in Asheville North Carolina. They look at each other lovingly, both excited to get home but enjoying this experience together, too.

Can you find the snail and the bird?

Made in Procreate with native brushes.