Handpainted Fountain Pens

Custom Design Hand Painted Fountain Pen of Space Whale on a vintage Sheaffer compact II

I love fountain pens: restoring vintage pens, reading about vintage pens, talking about pens, writing with pens, and (lately) decorating pens.

Commission a Painting on a Pen

Email me for commissions, questions, hello, or : [email protected]

I design the art and paint the pen myself and they make great commemorative pieces, as well as gifts!

Caveats! Please read!

How it works

Commission a Painting on a Fountain Pen Converter

Custom Design Hand Painted Fountain Pen Converter of Mushrooms

I paint custom designs on fountain pen converters! These can be lots of fun for demonstrator pens or gifts for fountain pen lovers.

The process

Works mainly the same as the painted pen process above. Price includes the converter is a set cost of $40-45 depending on the type (brand) of converter used.

Please note that converters are very small (the available painting surface is about the size of a US quarter) so designs cannot be overly complicated or complex!

Fountain Pen Stickers, Restored Vintage Pens, and Pre-Painted Pens

Penabler Fountain Pen Sticker

I sell stickers and other things with my original designs related to fountain pens! Also, restored vintage pens, and non-commissioned painted pens and converters.

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Cat in snorkel gear holding a vintage Sheaffer’s snorkel fountain pen in periwinkle

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Portrait of a dog, handpainted on a Sheaffer’s fountain pen